Google AMP Scraper

Google AMP Checker

Check and see if a website is Google AMP ready.

The Google AMP scrapper is the only research tool of it’s kind.  In a single click, you can check to see if a website is built on WordPress and if it is Google Amp compliant.  Use this tool to quickly make a list of prospective clients you want to call.  To use, simply enter the URL of the website you want to check.  We will tell you if it is built on WordPress.  If it is a WordPress website, then our tool will also check to see if it is Google Amp compliant.

The Best WordPress Google Amplifier Plugin

Create branded Google AMP compliant websites in minutes.

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Behind the scenes, we are working on a pro version of the Google AMP checker. This will allow you to prospect clients by search query, automatically scrape their contact email address and let you send out reports in a single click. It’s not quite perfect yet, but when it is, we will be releasing it. If you would like to be the first to know, just fill out this form to subscribe to our mailing list.