Google Maps SEO

Getting your site listed on Google Maps (Google My Business) is the key to unlocking free traffic from Google. It is the connection point for being found. By utilizing maps, customers can easily find your website, quickly call you or get driving directions.

While having a Google Maps location is beneficial, but the real power comes when your map listing is optimized. Have you ever wondered why your competitors appear front and center in Google and on Google Maps, but your site never shows up? Properly setting up, optimizing and publicizing your local business will get your business to the top.

We are Google Maps SEO experts and can help your site to be number one. By being first you get exposure to your brand and products. You are seen as more trustworthy to your customers, because they trust Google and the results it delivers. Best yet, it is constant source of free traffic. No more paid advertising costs, cost per click or cost per acquisition, just a steady stream of interested customers.

Stop letting your competition have all the customers. Give your business the investment it deserves by choosing to work with the Google maps optimization experts. We will help your business get found.

  • Customers Use the Internet

    97% of consumers use internet when researching local products/services

  • More Search = More Potential

    140 billion local searches last year

  • Visibility is a Must

    98% of searches choose someone because they are on the first page

  • Consumers Decide Quickly

    77% of local mobile searches result in them contacting the business
    59% of local mobile searches result in them visiting the business the same day

  • Your Existing Customers Search Too

    The number one reason for doing a local search is finding the location of a business they “know”


Google My Business SEO

Our Process

Create Optimized Page Listing

The first step is to create an optimized My Google Business listing. We build your listing for you to the highest standards for maximum visibility.

Rank Your Google Maps Listing

After your listing has been created, the next step is to rank your listing in Google. We use our proven strategy to get your listing to the top of Google.

Experience Growth of Being First

When you are listed first in Google Maps you will immediately see an increase in calls, visitors and foot traffic. Stop letting your competition get the leads and start ranking your own site.

We take a different approach than most “SEO Agencies”. First, we handle everything in-house. Your account isn’t given to a junior level intern who cuts his teeth on your site. You shouldn’t have to pay someone to learn SEO. You should pay someone to get results. Secondly, we don’t outsource the work. Countless times I have had clients approach me after their site was ruined by overseas SEOs. They have either wasted their time or money or even worse, their site was penalized by Google.

We have worked for years developing a series of high-quality news sites. This allows us to get effective publicity and results for your website. Google wants to see powerful, trusted websites talking about your site. This publicity ramps up your site to the top of Google and keeps you there.

In 2014, business paid Google $59 Billion dollars to advertise. As soon as they stop paying Google, they stop getting results. On the other hand, we can get you the same high-quality results for a fraction of the price and best yet it lasts. Stop feeding Google an endless amount of money for Adwords, and start investing in results that are sticky.

If you are a local business, you need Google Maps SEO services. Get started today!

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