Professional, High PR, PBN Setup Servcie

If you have ever set up a PBN, you know how time consuming it can be. A proper site needs the right content, a unique theme, linking out, setting up all the plugins and more. Managing multiple sites becomes an administrative nightmare. Or how many times have you bought some sites, only to have them sit around going to waste? Don’t let your domains go to waste!

What You Get
1. I do everything. You just order hosting. I take over from there.
2. Unique theme set for each site
3. 3 hand written articles on each site with the images and videos of your choice
4. Up to 3 links to your money site per site with the anchor text of your choice
5. Links to authority sites
6. All plugins properly setup and configured including pr protection, xml sitemaps, contact form and more
7. Contact page, about us page, terms and conditions page, and privacy policy page setup
8. Submit site to be indexed using a strategy that get the site instantly indexed (unless your site was penalized by Google)

Basically you get your PBN built out for you from top to bottom for as little as $25 a site.

To order select your option on the right and hit buy now. On the next page you can enter your quantity.

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